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The Management Board

The Management  Board

The academy has appointed a committed Management Board  who will meet at least once a term and work in close partnership with the staff to move the academy forwards.

Our Management Board  understands the pressures that staff work under, and is supportive of new initiatives  we are keen to recruit and retain strong staff that are committed to the further development of the academy and have a continued drive to improve our standards across the curriculum.

Having achieved a 'good' grade in our Ofsted in November 2016 it has been agreed to begin the transition from a Management Board back to a Local Governing Body. We would expect to complete the transition by the end of the Summer Term 2017.

Current members:

Alan Parkinson - Chair Person

Lynsey Hedley

Charlotte Hopkins
David Gettings
Malcolm Reeve
Danielle Cook
Amanda Griffiths

Contacting the Management Board

Parent's or members of the community wishing to contact the Management Board  should in the first instance contact the school office (0121 675 3985) or write a letter addressed to the Clerk of Management Board, Lea Forest Primary Academy, Hurstcroft Road, Birmingham, B33 9RD. If you wish to contact the Management Board  by email please send your message to contactus@leaforestacademy.org please mark the email for the attention of the Clerk of the Management Board.

Records of Management Board  Meetings

Minutes from Management Board Meetings are available to access from our office on request. Please note that it is the policy of the academy to remove any identification of staff, parents or children in publicly available records, generic terms such as: a staff member, a child or a parent will be used to prevent identification.

-Updated  March 2017-
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