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Ofsted Action Plan 2015

Post Ofsted Action Plan - Written January 2015

1.     Behaviour

Overall: Good with elements of outstanding.

Target: Outstanding

Development Point: To raise level of ownership of pupils’ learning within lessons


·         Further embed Lea Forest values across school – Staff and pupils.  Discussed at INSET 05.01.15.  Working group, led by DHTset up.

·         Introduction of Restorative Justice.  INSET day 06.03.15. This will support the whole school values and development of a more reflective community

2.       Safety

Overall: Good with elements of outstanding

Target: Outstanding

Development point: Raising attendance


Introduction of a range of individual and class weekly, ½ termly, termly and annual reward incentives.

Whole school assembly 06.01.15 to share these with pupils and raise importance of attending school daily.

Letter to parents outlining new rewards system being sent out

Spotlight families being identified and sent to EWS

Letters going to all families with attendance below 90%

School Nurse

3.                             EYFS

Overall: Good

Target: Outstanding

Development Points: Increasing Leadership involvement of Phase Leader + Increased strategic use of data from EYFS to inform whole school actions.


·  Phase Leaders now attending the SLT meetings on fortnightly basis

·  HT working with EYFS Phase Leader on EYFS Data analysis

4.                     Teaching and Learning

Overall: Requires Improvement

Target: Good

Development Points:  Consistency. Impact of marking, marking of basic skills, differentiation for most able.  Engagement of passive learners (girls)


·   Inset 05.01.15.  Shared book scrutiny process used by Ofsted. Phase Leaders high focus agenda item in phase meetings.

· Whole school book monitoring in ½ termly programme of Wednesday Insets to be completed in Ofsted style with staff.

·   Monitoring cycle – focus on development points in book scrutiny

5.                             Achievement

Overall: Requires Improvement

Target: Good

Development Points:  Progress of different groups, phonics achievement at end of KS1, closing gap with National attainment 2b+ and 3 in KS1, 4b+ and 5 in KS2.


·    Baseline data for Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 on new curriculum now in place.

·     Analysis of data to have higher focus on gaps between different groups of learners

·        Pupil Progress meetings to have greater focus on measuring gaps between different groups of learners and interventions required to begin to reduce the gap.

·      Target children in year 2 and 6 to achieve 2b/4b+ without reducing focus on 2c+/4c+

·        Development of phonics provision.  Inset 05.01.15.  Focus on Catch up phonics in KS2 and high quality teaching in KS1/EYFS to ensure school attain at National by end of year 2.

·        Assessment focus to be on children showing they can apply learning in variety of contexts.  Insets planned to support staff with assessment and moderation.  Use of Rising Stars Tests to validate teacher assessment.

 Updated January 2015