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Lock Down Procedures - Advice for Parents

posted 2 Feb 2016, 05:07 by J Croxon

At Lea Forest Academy we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for the children attending the school. In order for us to do this we have to ensure there are procedures in place in case of any emergency. In the highly unlikely event that the academy has to lockdown the school (where there is a known threat such as an intruder on site) please note the following:

We will communicate to parents as soon as is practical and safe to do via our normal communication channels.

DO NOT try and contact the school via phone as this could tie up telephone lines that are needed for contacting emergency providers.

DO NOT come to the school. This could interfere with emergency provider’s access to the school and may even put yourselves and others in danger.

WAIT for the school to contact you about when it is safe for you to collect your children, and where this will be from.

During this period the telephones and entrances will be unmanned and all external doors will be locked. Nobody will be allowed in or out of the school.