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Parent Conduct - A reminder

posted 3 Dec 2014, 11:16 by J Croxon

Parent/Carer conduct on the academy premises 

Following the recent Ofsted inspection we are proud to say that the school works well with staff, pupils and parents and together we obtained a good judgment for behaviour and safeguarding. This shows that we value highly the safety of all children in our school.  

In order to safeguard children we have a strict policy in school around the conduct of parents and carers on academy premises.  I am writing to remind all parents and carers that we expect everybody who enters our premises to treat staff, pupils, other parents and visitors with courtesy and respect at all times.

This expectation also extends to all adults who are in the vicinity of the school at the start and end of the day, when our children are present. Any  form of aggressive, abusive or insulting behaviour, or language from a parent that presents a real or perceived  threat to the staff and/or pupils will not be tolerated. In such a circumstance, we have a power in common law to ban a parent from the premises.  We can also remove or ban someone from entering the premises if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting someone has committed an offence.

As always we put the physical and emotional safety of our children at the heart of all the decisions we make.  It is, and will remain to be a priority of this school to ensure all staff, parents and pupils have the right to be in a positive environment.  

We would like to thank all of our parents for your ongoing support and co-operation. 

Together we will continue to ensure that your children are safe, happy and receiving the best education in our school.