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posted 23 Sep 2013, 07:42 by J Croxon

Firstly we would like to thank the parents and carers whose pupils attend school every day and on time. Well done! This does not go unrecognised and you are giving your pupil every opportunity to achieve their full potential in school life. However, we have recognised that some pupils are arriving late regularly. These pupils are missing out on important aspects of school life, which may impact on your pupil’s confidence and self esteem.

The law requires pupils to attend the Academy regularly and this includes arriving on time each day.  When a pupil arrives late to Lea Forest Primary Academy, there are many consequences:

  • He or she misses out on essential instructions given at the beginning of lessons
  •  Pupils might feel awkward and embarrassed going into the classroom when everyone else is already settled 
  • When one person arrives late everyone loses out – the class is disrupted and the teacher may not always have time to explain the lesson for each late pupil. 

There are also very serious legal consequences for parents and carers when pupils are

persistently late. Pupils arriving after 9.30am will receive a ‘U’ code (unauthorised late).  If your pupil has a high level of lateness you will receive a warning letter.


After this, continued lateness could result in a Penalty Notice (a £60 fine or more) or a summons to the Magistrate’s Court.