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Safeguarding Update

posted 9 Jun 2017, 08:35 by J Croxon

The safety and security of our students and staff is a top priority for Lea Forest Academy. As you already know, we implement a number of measures as part of a comprehensive plan aimed at ensuring our school remains a safe place for our children to learn.

The school has clear procedures in place and we practice these at least once a year. We have practiced our Lockdown Procedure today. During a Lockdown Procedure, classroom doors are secured and the children remain inside the room until instructed by the teacher to resume their activities. All exterior doors are locked and no one is permitted to enter or leave the building. Children are kept inside the school and classrooms when circumstances make it safer to stay in the classroom rather than evacuate. Just as we prepare our children to properly respond to a fire drill, they also need to be aware of the proper response during a lockdown drill. These drills should be treated with the same level of importance as fire drills.

Please be assured that staff have spent time discussing the importance of this procedure with the children prior to running the drill. We also took time after the drill to remind them that it was only a practice and that there was no danger.


Please talk to your child about today’s lockdown to ensure they have understood that it was only a practice.