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posted 14 Jul 2015, 07:25 by J Croxon

SPOTLIGHT FINES: £4130 in fines issued in this academic year


Dear Parents / Carers


As you are aware excellent attendance and time keeping is a key priority at Lea Forest Academy. We expect all of our pupils to be on time and in school every day.


The school's attendance levels are regularly monitored by the Education Welfare Service (EWS) and they assess individual pupils who's attendance is a cause for concern. The EWS then decide whether or not to prosecute parents/carers of those pupils with unacceptable levels of absence.


Currently there are five families that have had their cases heard at Birmingham Magistrate Court and fines totalling £4130 have been issued.


Fines issued by Birmingham Magistrates in these cases have ranged from £345 to £785 per pupil.

I will be writing to all parents in September to remind parents/carers of Lea Forest Academy's attendance processes. Please ensure that your child/children are in school every day and on time at 8.50am.


Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 0121 675 3985


Kind regards, Mr Wills, Senior Learning Mentor