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LFP:tv 2015-16

Take a look at the great videos that we upload to our website for everyone to see.
Reception Bear Hunt - Audio Only
Yr6 Perform Grease - Audio Only
Yr6 Perform Grease - Audio Only
Health 4 Life @ Lea Forest
The Shinkers - Young Enterprise Group
Yr3 and Yr4 perform a traditional carol concert Audio Only
Reception and Nursery retell The Bossy King Audio Only
Our Choir Singing Somewhere Only We Know
Yr1 Perform their Sing Up! Song

So Long Farewell - Audio Only
Yr6 Perform Grease - Audio Only
Yr6 Stay Healthy - Presentation
Key Stage 1 Tell us about the gift of friendship
Audio Only
2SJ retell Pip's Story
Our Choir Singing Winter Wonderland
Our Choir Singing When I Grow Up!
2NR Perform their Making 10's Number Rap
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Yr6 Perform Grease - Audio Only
1JR Practice their singing
1JR Practice their 6 Times Tables
Yr5 Perform a poem by William Shakespeare
Yr1 Singing True Colours
Lea Forest Choir and Yr5 and Yr6 
Carol Concert - Audio Only
Lea Forest Staff Pantomime 2015
Snow White
Armistice Day 2015
Mr Morgan gives Yr4 a drum solo